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Beethoven, Haydn and Cerrone

Classics Series - Symphony Hall

Tito Muñoz, conductor
Shai Wosner, piano
Robert Greenberg, concert host and program annotator

Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3
Christopher Cerrone: Piano Concerto
Haydn: Symphony No. 103, “Drumroll”

• Enjoy a unique program as Israeli pianist Shai Wosner returns to the Symphony to present two contrasting piano concertos back to back.
• Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto is reminiscent of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24, but defines the composer apart from his predecessors with a unique vocabulary.
• Young American composer Christopher Cerrone has been featured three times with The Phoenix Symphony, and now returns with a new co-commissioned concerto.
• Haydn’s penultimate symphony was this “Drumroll” Symphony – featuring all the surprise and mastery in his other London symphonies and an infamous introduction.
• Music historian Robert Greenberg will join Tito Muñoz and the orchestra to provide additional context to this program.