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Verdi’s Requiem

Classics Series - Symphony Hall

Tito Muñoz, conductor
Katie Van Kooten, soprano
Dana Beth Miller, mezzo soprano
Daniel Montenegro, tenor
Steven Humes, bass
The Phoenix Symphony Chorus

Verdi: Messa da Requiem

• The orchestra, chorus and soloists fill every inch of the stage at Symphony Hall for this performance of Verdi’s profound masterwork, the Requiem.
• Written in honor of the death of an important cultural icon, this musical setting of the Catholic funeral mass tells the ultimate dramatic story.
• The work features vigorous rhythms, sublime melodies and dramatic contrasts to express the powerful emotions present in the text, similar to his operatic works.
• This will be only the third time The Phoenix Symphony has performed the Requiem in its 72-year history.

*Please note that this performance has no intermission.