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Sibelius’ Symphony No. 5

Classics Series - Symphony Hall

Roderick Cox, conductor
Xuesha Hu, piano
Robert Greenberg, concert host and program annotator

Esa-Pekka Salonen: Helix
Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21, K. 467
Sibelius: Symphony No. 5

• Explore the music of Finland, which both Sibelius and Salonen are from - Sibelius is so revered by the country that his birthday is a national holiday.
• Led by guest conductor Roderick Cox, Sibelius’ Fifth Symphony represents the epitome of tonal romanticism, but many of his works explore new realms of structure. This piece features an unusual structure, only three movements, all in major keys.
• Composer-conductor and Music Director Designate of the San Francisco Symphony Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Helix develops as a coil, the music accelerates and thickens and tightens into a fantastic finish.
• Xuesha Hu, winner of the 2017 Bösendorfer Piano Competition, returns to The Phoenix Symphony with Mozart’s dreamlike Piano Concerto No. 21.
• Music historian Robert Greenberg will join Tito Muñoz and the orchestra to provide additional context to this program.